Virtual Arithmetickles presents math videos
in a funny and creative way!

 Your elementary school students will experience
how much fun math can be!

 NOW teachers can select math videos from an online library
of animated math segments to fit their classroom schedule.

Play and Watch a Preview of Arithmetickles Virtual Show

Topsfield, MA – “The performer had wonderful energy and enthusiasm! He immediately captured the students’ attention and entertained them throughout the entire show. Students loved being a part of the acts and couldn’t wait to participate. Educational quality and presenter interaction with students were EXCELLENT!”
Enrichment Leader, Proctor Elem School. 

Brooklyn, NY – “The host did an amazing job, he captivated the entire audience with his unconventional method of math. Every student and every parent enjoyed the show and I would like to invite him again for a 3rd year!”
Title One Representative,
PS 279.

Saugus, CA – “Arithmetickles was amazing! All of the students from K-6th grade really enjoyed the assembly! Having the students get involved  brought out the excitement about learning. Highly recommend Arithmetickles to other schools.”
Volunteer Coordinator, Santa Clarita Elem School.

Scarsdale, NY – “Arithmetickles was a fun, engaging presentation for elementary school children. Students enjoyed the interactive element to the presentation and found the presenter fun and entertaining. The program moved quickly and kept the students and teachers engaged.”
PTA, Greenvale School.

Bloomfield, NJ – “The assembly was captivating and our students got excited about math! The presenter was excellent and energetic and really made the show come alive. The students were fully engaged and teachers were also very pleased with the assembly. Many students commented it was out best assembly of the year!” School Counselor, Franklin School.

Scheduling the Virtual Arithmetickles presentation for your school is simple:

Choose a one week window that works for your school. You will receive a password that all teachers can share during the week and present the Arithmetickles segments in their classrooms.

We will start streaming the Virtual Arithmetickles Segments in the first week of November 2020.

Special discount and savings:

We are offering a special trial period discount. 

Book Virtual Arithmetickles early and present it to your schools between November 2020 through March 2021 and receive a 50% discount!

Regular price – $600
Book now for – $300.

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