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Q: What grade level is Arithmetickles best suited for?
A: There are several Arithmetickles programs available.  We offer a performance designed specifically for students in grades K-3, and another that is appropriate for grades 4-6. Arithmetickles can also be tailored to address math levels specific to one grade. Additionally, we have a special middle school program for grades 6-8.  Our exciting Math Night assembly format is flexible and can be presented as a grade specific or general student-parent event.


Q: Is the show based on a specific math method?

A: Not at all! The math used in Arithmetickles is of general knowledge and focuses mainly on the fundamental operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In the program for 4-6 grade students, percentages, fractions and problem solving may be included as well.  Students from the middle grades work with mental math puzzles and explore the wonders of number magic.


Q: Do the students need special preparation before the show?

A: No. All Arithmetickles segments are based on everyday knowledge and general math. The host has a wide variety of material and games to choose from and his experience with interactive programs makes him an expert at selecting the “right” material for every audience.


Q: Is Arithmetickles appropriate for Kindergarten?

A: Absolutely! There are games created especially for younger students who have not yet learned specific math skills. The games include counting, sorting and identifying shapes.  Kindergarteners enjoy the excitement and spectacle of live theater.


Q: Exactly what do the students get out of Arithmetickles?

A: Arithmetickles provides students with the opportunity to explore the most imaginative and entertaining aspects of math. The program encourages creativity and allows students the chance to boost their problem solving skills while strengthening their imaginations. Students participate in the learning process and are encouraged to present themselves at their best, thus increasing confidence and self esteem.  Most importantly, the underlying message in Arithmetickles is that math is something that students can actually like and enjoy and not something to be afraid of.


Q: Do all the children get to participate?

A: Yes! While many children will join the host on stage, those children who do not are encouraged to perform slow motion movements, mime and sound effects that are directly related to the stage activities.  In addition, children in the audience are often asked to answer math questions together with those on stage, keeping everyone “on their toes” throughout the show.


Q: Will one of the actors on the video be hosting our program?

A: The performers who work with Children’s Theatre Center/ArtsEcho are all superb, professional actors with rich backgrounds in improvisational theater and comedy.  They go through rigorous rehearsals and long-term training before becoming Arithmetickles hosts. Our full time Arithmetickles hosts travel throughout the United States and Canada and have received the highest evaluations from audiences.  As Arithmetickles grows in popularity we will be adding more hosts to our roster.  Our actors are assigned on the basis of their availability and while one of the performers in the video may be your host, this is not guaranteed. We can assure you that all of the actors conform to our exceptionally high standards.


Q: How do you select volunteers?

A: Because we are not familiar with every student, we rely upon two teachers or administrators to choose mature, well behaved students who would be comfortable on stage and able to actively participate in the math related skits.  Generally speaking, a total of 8-10 boys and girls, per grade level, are needed. Prior to each segment, the program host will announce how many children from a specific grade are needed and at that time the teachers or administrators should send the necessary number of students to the stage.


Q: What is the length of an Arithmetickles show?

A: The length of Arithmetickles is approximately 50 minutes.  Since the show is based on segments, we can adjust the length to the needs of your school. Arithmetickles Math Night shows are usually about 60 minutes long.


Q: How long is set-up and breakdown?

A: The host of Arithmetickles will arrive about 1 hour before the show to set up the set and sound and to make sure that everything is ready and working. Between 2 back-to-back shows, we need a break of 10 minutes to reset the stage (and to let the first audience out and the second audience in). Breakdown after the show is 20-30 minutes.


Q: Do you need a stage for Arithmetickles?

A: Since Arithmetickles is based on 100% audience participation, many students come up onto stage. It is always preferable to have a stage or risers (or even bleachers in the gym!) so that those in the audience can see the action onstage.

HOWEVER, if your school does not have a stage or risers, we can still do a show but children must sit on the floor. Teachers and parents can sit on chairs all around the audience. In this case we recommend limiting the number of students attending the show to 300.


Q: What is the maximum audience size for an Arithmetickles show?

A: When the school has a stage (or risers of bleachers are available to use) we recommend no more than 400 students per show. When there is no stage available and students will be sitting on the floor, 300 is the maximum number.


Q: Are discounts available for Arithmetickles?

A: As a non-profit organization, we try to help schools and other organizations present Arithmetickles even when budgets are limited. There are a few ways to save:

1. Apply online (Save Now!) and you will receive a $50 discount.

2. If you book Arithmetickles together with neighboring schools in your district on the same date (“Mini Tour“). You will EACH receive a $100 discount!

3. Last minute bookings: check online to see which dates are still available on a last minute basis in your area. If you can join the tour on that specific date (and time) you will receive a $100 discount per show. Join our mailing list to receive the monthly Arithmetickles newsletterwith all of the available last minute dates.

4. Needless to say, none of the above can be combined.


Q: I checked the online Arithmetickles calendar but none of the dates match our available dates. Can you add dates for our school?

A: We are based in the NYC tri-state area and perform throughout the year within a 2 hour radius. If your school is located within 2-4 hours of NYC we will be able to add a special tour if you help us find 2 more schools to join (for a minimum of 5 shows). We can add tours for schools located over 4 hours from NYC on a case-by-case basis as long as you can help us create a “mini-tour” in your area.


Q: We had Arithmetickles last year and loved it! If we book the show again this year do you repeat the same show?

A: No! We keep a detailed account of every show we perform including all segments and activities that were in each show. When you book Arithmetickles year after year, the host will make sure to change the activities and games, so the audience will see a brand new show!


Q: We have to mix some grade levels (such as 1st grade with 4th grade). Can you still do a show?

A: Yes! Although we highly recommend that audiences are comprised of consecutive grades (such as K-3 or 3-5), some schools just can’t avoid scheduling conflicts. The host of Arithmetickles will match activities to the grades attending that show, so each grade will have their own activities. In our long experience performing Arithmetickles for many different audiences we have found that gearing the show to the older students while including activities for the younger grades always works well.


Q: What does our school need to provide when you come to perform Arithmetickles?

A: We provide the set and sound for the show. All we need is a small table (or 2 student desks), a microphone stand, 5 chairs, and access to electricity and extension cords if necessary. If your stage or stage area does not have good lighting, we recommend bringing 2 overhead projectors from nearby classrooms (on their carts). They make great spotlights!


Q: Can we take photos and videos during the show?

A: Since Arithmetickles is fully copyrighted and trademarked, we cannot allow videotaping of any segments during the show. If you wish to take photographs (such as for your yearbook or local paper), please let us know and we will provide permission in writing after you sign the contract.


Q: In addition to the show fee for Arithmetickles, what else do you charge?

A: Nothing! There are no hidden costs or fees. The price for Arithmetickles includes all travel expenses (car, gas, hotel, flights etc.) throughout the US.


Q: I would like to come and preview Arithmetickles. How do I know when you are in my area?

A: Please check our online calendar to find upcoming shows in your area. When you find a location, date and time of an Arithmetickles show near you, you can contact the school directly and arrange your visit – or you can contact our office and we will be glad to help you with the arrangements.


Q: Can I contact other schools to hear what they think of Arithmetickles?

A: Please feel free to do so! We send evaluations to every school after Arithmetickles performances and post the evaluations online as soon as we get them.

Math is the basis of STEM and Arithmetickles helps kids love math!