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[Insert City, State]Arithmetickles, an interactive game show assembly that combines math and fun, will be presented at [insert school] on [insert date/time]. The program is produced by the Children’s Theatre Center of New Jersey and is presented throughout the United States. Arithmetickles helps children identify the connection between classroom math and their own daily lives through games, skits and improvisations that help show how to use textbook math in everyday situations.

Arithmetickles takes math from the page to the stage by blending fast-paced theater games, audience participation, improvisation, mime, magic and puzzles. The show demonstrates that numbers, shapes, percentages, fractions and logic are all a part of everyday life. The performance invites children to creatively explore and solve math problems in real life situations by using imagination and humor.

One of the highlights of Arithmetickles is the chance for students to perform onstage and also to watch their classmates as they take on math challenges in games such as “Arithmetickle-Tac-Toe”. Even audience members play along by using creative thinking skills as they attempt to solve a variety of interesting math problems. Arithmetickles reinforces the idea that math is fun and intriguing and that it goes far beyond simply reciting facts and memorizing multiplication tables.

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