We are so proud of the many emails and letters that we have received recently from principals, PTA/PTO members, Cultural Arts Chairs, teachers, parents and, of course, students. Please take a look at our wonderful reviews and remember that you can always use some local (or national) quotes for your press releases, flyers and posters.

We’re Blushing!!!
(Read what they’re saying about Arithmetickles)

11/19/19 Brooklyn, NY – “The host did an amazing job, he captivated the entire audience with his unconventional method of math. Every student and every parent enjoyed the show and I would like to invite him again for a 3rd year!” Title One Representative, PS 279

11/14/19 Proctor, VT – “Artistic and educational quality were excellent. Presenter interaction with students their response were also excellent! I would highly recommend the show to other schools.” Math Teacher, Proctor Jr High School.

4/18/19 Rumson, NJ – “Thanks for a wonderful assembly!  The 5th graders loved it, and it was such a nice way to end the week before break!” Grade 5 Lead Teacher, Forrestdale School

4/16/19 Bloomfield, NJ – “Thank you again for a wonderful show yesterday!! The kids and teachers loved it and I think you have left yet another lasting impression on our students!
They remembered the show vividly and were very excited to have the assembly back at our school.” School Counselor, Franklin School

3/27/19 Topsfield, MA – “Very well run! The performer had wonderful energy and enthusiasm! He immediately captured the students’ attention and had them entertained throughout the entire show. Students loved being a part of the acts and couldn’t wait to participate. Educational quality and presenter interaction with students were EXCELLENT!” Enrichment Leader, Proctor Elem School. 

3/12/19 Jim Thorpe, PA – “The students enjoyed an assembly with audience participation!!” Math Coordinator, L B Morris Elem School

3/5/19 Scarsdale, NY – “Arithmetickles was a fun, engaging presentation for elementary school children. Students enjoyed the interactive element to the presentation and found the presenter fun and entertaining. The program moved quickly and kept the students and teachers engaged.” PTA, Greenvale School

2/6/19 Brooklyn, NY – “Thank you so much for an amazing show yesterday at our school. The children really enjoyed themselves and so did the adults. The host really made my Title 1 event a huge success. He truly gave them a great show and the children and staff were buzzing about it this morning. I look forward to working with you in the future!!” Title 1 rep. PS 279

1/23/19 Albertson, NY – “The kids had a blast. They were very engaged and excited to participate. Students response, Educational and Artistic qualities are excellent! I would highly recommend the show to other schools.” PTA, Meadow Drive Elem. School

12/17/18 Clarksville, MD – “Thanks so much for presenting Arithmetickles. The children loved and I received a positive feedback from many of the parents” PTA, Pointers Run Elem School

12/11/18 Novato, CA – “Fantastic and engaging show! The students loved it and are begging for Arithmetickles to come back for another show soon!” Math Teacher, Our Lady of Loretto School

12/7/18 Saugus, CA – “Arithmetickles was amazing! All the students from TK-6th grade really enjoyed the assembly! Having the students get involved really brought out the excitement about learning. Highly recommend Arithmetickles to other schools.” Volunteer Coordinator, Santa Clarita Elem School

12/6/18 La Verne, CA – “Arithmatickles is a very engaging and interesting assembly. The kids seemed to really enjoy it. Having the students participate is a great way to keep their attention.” Teacher, Oak Mesa Elem School

5/30/18 Newark, NJ – “The students at Oliver Street School enjoyed the show! They were engaged and really enjoyed participating on stage and using their math skills.” Math Coach, Oliver Street School

5/23/18 Merrimac, MA – “The show was great! The host was great with the kids and managed the crazy K-2 energy really well. Activities were spot on for age groups! We had a nice attendance of families for the show and were overall very happy!” Title 1 Math Teacher, Frederick Sweetsir School

5/17/18 Bloomfield, NJ – “We feel, that the assembly was captivating and fruitful for the students to get excited about math! The presenter was excellent and energetic and really made the show come alive. The students were fully engaged and teachers were also very pleased with the assembly. Many students commented it was out best assembly of the year!” School Counselor, Franklin School

5/10/18 Hatfield, PA – “The students and faculty really enjoyed the show- we would love to have you come back next year and do a show for 5-6 grades. Presenter Interaction with Students, educational and artistic qualities were excellent!” Speech/Language Pathologist, Hatfield Elem School

4/12/18 Morristown, NJ – “Thanks for the great Arithmetickles shows last week. I heard a lot of positive feedback from teachers and students, and the kids seemed very engaged!” Cultural Arts Chair, Normandy Park School

4/4/18 Mahopac, NY – “Loved the performance this afternoon. The host incorporated a variety of skills and activities that fit the age of those children participating. Hopefully the students learned that following directions and thinking productively and accurately will lead to success. Thank you again for such a fun day!” PTO Co-President, Austin Road Elem School

3/26/18 Forked River, NJ – “Two great performances as usual!” Principal, Forked River Elem School

3/21/18 Manchester, CT – “Arithmetickles was very enjoyable and was presented at an appropriate pace, keeping students engaged and excited. The material presented was right on target for the age groups in the audience.”
“The students had a fun time playing different math games. It was great to see them interact with the host and each other. It really made them think!”
“How wonderful for our students to have genuine fun and learning mixed in together! I’ll be keeping in mind your skip counting game as we study our math facts and skip counting. I know the students will enjoy it immensely if we play with math the way you were able to”
“It really provided a chance for students to see how important their quick thinking skills really are and how challenging it is to be under pressure!” Assistant Principal and teachers, St. James School

3/19/18 Coventry, RI – “Arithmetickles was stimulating (kept their attention) and creative. I found the program to be a lot of fun and engaging for all students. I liked the music and the different techniques that he used to incorporate math into a unique presentation that involved student and teacher participation! Overall – the presenter was one of the better performers we have had.” Math Interventionist, Hopkins Hill School

3/19/18 Salem, MA – “The children had a great night! It was fun, interactive and pushed their math thinking in creative ways Thanks so much!” Literacy Coach, Carlton Innovation School.

2/20/18 Woolwich Township, NJ – “It was a great way to get students excited about participating in math! Student response, artistic & educational qualities were excellent. I definitely recommend the Arithmetickles show to other schools.” Teacher, Charles Stratton School.

1/25/18 Paramount, CA – “Everything was very good and we thoroughly enjoyed both assemblies. Loved the interaction with the teachers. We would definitely recommend the program to others and love to have you back!” Principal, Howard Tanner School

1/24/18 Santa Maria, CA – “Wow!!!! Everything about Arithmetickles was amazing!! Not only was it great for our students, but teachers learned how to do these types of problems in their class, with their class. Students were highly engaged in every part of the assembly. We highly enjoyed the Arithmetickles performance and we hope to have you back!” Assistant Principal, Adam (William Laird) Elem School

11/15/17 Galway, NY – “Arithmetickles was phenomenal!!! The children and teachers really enjoyed themselves and were talking about it days later. It was very engaging and fun for all!” RTI Math Teacher, Joseph Henry Elem School

10/26/17 Dayville, CT – “The show was engaging for both children and their parents. Very entertaining! Presenter interaction with students was very good, and students response was excellent!” PTA, Killingly Intermediate School

10/19/17 Weymouth, MA – “Great presentations. I thought the show was perfectly geared for k-2nd grades! It was highly entertaining and kept my students attentions the entire time! It was very interactive and the kids loved participating. I loved the number order and having students/team make the numbers. The game show at the end was super!” Teacher, William Seach School 

5/11/17 Pontiac, IL – “This assembly was great. The kids in the audience and on the stage were engaged and enjoying the show. The math was appropriate and we all had a great time!” – Teacher
“The presenter did a wonderful job of exciting the students and keeping them going along with the show. It was also nice to have students up there participating.” – Teacher
“The students were excited and enjoyed this performance. They were able to show off their math skills playing a variety of games. The students had a lot of fun!” – Principal, Lincoln Elem School

4/26/17 – Schenectady, NY – “Our students really enjoyed the interactive component of the show. The students were engaged in the show the whole time. We appreciate how each show was tailored to meet the needs of our primary and intermediate students.”  Teacher, Jessie T Zoller School

4/20/17 – Haworth, NJ – “The response from the students and teachers was that is was funny, interactive, and on point for the different grade levels. Having two shows for K-2 and 3-5 allowed the host to tailor the show for those ages without it having to be watered down in any way. An excellent show!” Teacher, Haworth Elem School

3/31/17 – Tobyhanna, PA – “The children really enjoyed the story/matching numbers to the story activity. The presenter was very energetic and patient with the students. Student response was excellent!” Math Support Teacher, Clear Run Elem Ctr.

3/30/17 – Elkins Park, PA – “Thank you for great shows for our 5th and 6th grades. I put out a survey to the students. A little over 100 students responded an 80% enjoyed the assembly! The artistic quality and student response were excellent.” Math Specialist, Elkins Park School

3/29/17 – Miller Place, NY – “My second grade students really enjoyed the experience. They came back to the room and discussed their favorite parts. They were super enthusiastic about the games and loved the trick with the volume at the beginning. It really grabbed their attention in a fun way. The audience was very engaged throughout the interactive performance.” Teacher, Andrew Muller Primary School

3/23/17 Tyngsborough, MA – “Arithmetickles was very enjoyable and educational for the kids and the staff! This is a fun, different program. We like that it is math related. The activities are great, especially the story where the kids have to pay attention. The magic tricks are fun too. The presenter have fun expressions and make it enjoyable to watch” Math Teacher, Tyngsboroush Middle School

2/27/17 Newark, NJ – “I was intrigued when I realized that the program was not a repetition of what we saw last year. Some times when you bring the same vendor to the same venue, they are not creative enough to hold the students interest. The children (K-4; 5-8) were interested and excited at the same time! The artistic quality was excellent and I recommend this program to other schools.” Math Teacher Coach, Belmont Runyon School

2/2/17 Northridge, CA – “Great presentation! The children were engaged and loved what was done. Presenter interaction with students was excellent!” Principal, St. Nicholas School

2/1/17 Redlands, CA – “Our students loved Arithmetickles! Thank you for such a great show!”
Principal, Crafton Elem School

1/26/17 Lafayette, NJ – “While the show was in progress, I noticed how engaged the students were: they were laughing, whispering to each other to figure out the problems, following the presenter’s clues, and generally having fun with math! Colleagues said that they truly enjoyed the show, as well. Educational and artisic qualities were excellent!” Middle School Math Teacher, Lafayette Elem School

12/15/16 Bethesda, MD – “Math anyone? Yes! Arithmetickles makes math fun and the kids enjoyed it thoroughly. Not a dull moment when Arithmetickles is in the house. The performer was on time and VERY prepared. And did I say funny? The kids were highly entertained throughout the 50 minute show and learned how to think and enjoy math! He kept their attention and it was really a great show!” PTA Coordinator, Bannockburn Elem School

12/8/16 Schenectady, NY – “It was a wonderful show.  We got lots of positive feedback: Student response, Art and educational quality, interaction with students were all Excellent! Parent Volunteer, Craig Elem School

12/7/16 Schenectady, NY – “Our K-5 kids really enjoyed your show! They loved the interactive way the host presented the material and thought he was super fun! Teachers and Administration also gave me very positive feedback! Very impressive!!” PTO member, Birchwood Elem School

11/30/16 Manville, RI – “Our students were so involved and captivated by the performance. Teachers were thrilled with the appropriate math content and the show as well. It’s been at least a week since the show and kids are still talking about and playing some of the games they saw in the performance at recess time! The host did a phenomenal job keeping the students engaged. You will regret not having Arithmetickles come to your school! Highly recommend!!” Math Interventionist, Northern Lincoln Elem School

11/21/16 Hillsborough, NJ – “The Arithmetickles presentation was a huge hit with my seventh graders! They loved the amount of audience participation and were engaged and entertained the whole way through! Artistic and educational quality, student response were all excellent. I would highly recommend this show to other schools.” Math teacher, Hillsborough Middle School

10/21/16 Stoneham, MA – “…Wonderful!! We loved it. The children were excited and interested during the show, and could be heard talking about it in the halls both directly after the show and for days after (and at home with their parents). Teachers have spoken of how they appreciate how the games are SO easily transferable to the classroom, and as we mentioned on booking, it is rare (otherwise impossible?) to find something that combines math and theater so that is a great niche.” Enrichment Co-Chair, South School

6/3/16 Galway, NY – “The Arithmetickles shows were FABULOUS!!!! Artistic, Educational qualities were excellent. Presenter interaction with students and their response was also excellent. I would highly recommend this program to other schools.” AIS Math Teacher, Joseph Henry Elem School

5/13/16 Hudson, WI – “Arithmetickles got all students involved and feeling confident in math….The kids loved it! Super funny. Age appropriate math skills that all students could participate in…Very funny and interactive show. I liked that there were games that could be brought back to the classroom… The students loved how engaging it was along with being able to learn math while doing it.” Principal and teachers, North Hudson School

5/10, 11/16 Bronx, NY – “Students and teachers enjoyed this educational and fun math experience!”
Math Coach, PS 86 – The Kingsbridge Heights School

5/2/16 Lake Katrine, NY – “My class was engaged in the show the entire time and they really seemed to enjoy it. It is so important to show students that math can be fun and this program was perfect for that. As a teacher I also appreciated that the host stressed several times how listening and following directions was important.” Teacher, E R Crosby Elem School

4/20/16 South Orange, NJ – “Arithmetickles was GREAT! It was amazing to see how engaged all of the students were throughout the entire program. The teachers found the activities very applicable to concepts taught in the classroom, and discussed ways to incorporate those types of kinesthetic activities into everyday learning!” Teacher, Marshall School

4/11/16 Bronx, NY – “Students enjoy this presentation every year. We use Arithmetickles as a positive reinforcement treat right before the State Test to remind them that math is fun. The presenter always comes prepared to engage and stimulate our students in math.”
Assistant Principal, PS 36 – Unionport School

4/7/16 Broad Brook, CT – “The show was very entertaining. Enjoyed by students and adults. Student Response and Artistic Quality were excellent. I would recommend this program to other schools!” Principal, Broad Brook Elem Sch.

2/18/16 Newark, NJ – “I scheduled two different shows to address the grade levels in my school, to my surprise both show were differentiated to address the needs of the audience. I was truly impressed and my school community loved it. They want more of the Arithmetickles!” Math Teacher Coach, Belmont Runyon School

2/9/16 Westerly, RI – “GREAT SHOW! Plan on having Arithmetickles come back next year. I recommend this show for any school.” Principal, State Street School
“The Arithmetickles show was wonderful. It was very engaging for all the children. They loved the games and being able to participate and be a part of the show. The teachers loved the questions. They pertained directly to the children who were picked. Very age appropriate. Even though the show was a little longer than planned, the children never lost interest or were bored. We would recommend the Arithmetickles to any elementary school. It is well worth the money!” Parent Liaison, State Street School

2/5/16 Dublin, CA – “My families love this show, as do I. Arithmetickles Math Night Show brings families together, enlightens children to the world of math and lets them feel accomplished and proud of themselves.”
Lower School Director, Quarry Lane School

2/1/16 Fremont, CA – “The students had a great time and were highly engaged throughout the assembly. Educational Quality and the interaction with students were excellent!” Vice Principal, James Leitch Elem School

1/20/16 Roslyn Heights, NY – “Thank you again for a great set of Arithmetickles performances. The children were engaged – what a fun way to learn! excellent show!”  PFA CO President, Roslyn Heights Elem School

1/9/16 Newark, NJ – “It was a real pleasure having Arithmetickles at Seek Academy! The Evaluation was shared with all the staff members at Seek Academy – everyone loved the show!” Saturday School Coordinator, Seek Academy

1/7/2016 Bayside, NY – “Thank you for performing at our school… the children had a great time!” Parent Coordinator, PS 169

12/2/15 Leicester, MA – “I received very positive feedback from the parents and kids, saying that the Math Night Show was fun and they liked it. I appreciate the fact that Arithmetickles get kids to view Math with Fun. That often is not the case. The host was very professional and the show was well put together!” Assistant Principal, Leicester Memorial Elem School

12/1/15 West Haven, CT – “Student Response for the Arithmetickles Math Night show was excellent. Feedback from parents, and teachers was very positive. Students seemed to have a great time coming up on stage and participating. ”
Math Instructional Coach, Forest Elementary School

11/4/15 – Gladstone, NJ – “Arithmetickles is an excellent show for kids! It combines fun and humor while challenging students with grade appropriate math games. The host is an outstanding presenter whose wit and humor keeps the audience involved and interested. I would highly recommend this program to other schools.”
Assistant Lower School Director, Gill St. Bernard’s School

6/15/15 – New Haven, CT – “Students and teachers loved Arithmetickles. They said it was exciting and humorous and they learned a lot. The teachers also said that they will use some of the host’s strategies for incorporating more math skills into class games. Students wanted to know if they can see the show again. We will definitely have Arithmetickles back again next year!” Math Instructional coach, Strong School

6/1/15 – Whippany, NJ – “The host of Arithmetickls was great with the children! He was funny, engaged the audience, and kept their attention throughout the entire program!” PTA Member – Chairperson-Programs, Salem Drive Elem School

5/29/15 – Foxborough, MA – Arithmetickles is an amazing and engaging show suitable for all ages in K-4! The students had a great time. They enjoyed seeing how math can be fun. We enjoy having Arithmetickles come to our school each year” PTO VP, Charles Taylor Elem

5/29/15 – Carver, MA – “Children loved the individual and group interactions…I not only appreciated the math thinking that was encouraged, but I appreciated the encouragement to listen before proceeding in problem solving….Very entertaining and well-focused…The students really enjoyed the being part of the performance and it was wonderful to see how they worked together as a team to solve the problems…Fantastic!! The show was very engaging and challenging and FUN for the students…Wonderful! All the students in grades K-5 were engaged and thrilled! I overheard one 5th grader say it was the best assembly they have ever been too! From the math perspective, I thought the show was engaging and reinforced skills in the classroom! “ Teachers, Carver Elem School

5/28/15 – Hopkinton, MA – “Arithmetickles was unlike others we’ve had at Elmwood and the students were excited about an opportunity to participate. The host was enthusiastic, it was very enjoyable evening!” Assistant Principal, Elmwood School

5/20/15 – Darien, IL – “It was wonderful on so many levels. It was entertaining for the students (and teachers), yet so much more. The students were engaged. Whether they were on the stage or in the audience, they were all listening, thinking, and responding. It was so fantastic! I’d highly recommend the performance!” Teacher, Our Lady of Peace School

4/30/15 – Stow, MA – “Our students loved the show! It was upbeat and interactive” Asst. Principal, Center School

4/27/15 – Tewksbury, MA – “A big Thank You for coming to our school…the kids loved the program. They couldn’t stop talking about the show!” A & E Coordinator, Dewing School

3/26/15 – Wyckoff, NJ – “Amazing! The students had a wonderful time solving math problems and doing mental math. All the games were easy to start thinking about and ended up harder. Thanks Arithmetickles for a fun math day!” Math Specialist, Sicomac School

3/14/15 – York, PA – “Exciting, fun and the students enjoyed it tremendously!” Principal, Locust Grove Elem School

3/12/15 Bernville, PA – “The kids LOVED the show! We all enjoyed seeing so many students able to volunteer in the program.” Teacher, Penn Bernville El Sch

3/12/15 – Elizabethtown, PA – “Student response, Educational and interaction with audience were excellent, so were the artistic and technical qualities of the show. It was wonderful!” PTO Assemblies Coordinator

3/11/15 – York, PA – “Exciting, Fun and the students enjoyed the show tremendously!” Principal, Locust Grove Elem School

3/5/15 – Bellerose, NY – “Artistic, Educational and tech qualities, Interaction and student response were all excellent! I would definitely recommend the show.” Parent Coordinator, PS 133Q

2/9/15 – Oroville, CA – “…the host of the show was a try delight. Teachers and students enjoyed mathematics through the fun of math games. Teachers have expressed how they will take some of those games back to class to continue the joy of learning!” Principal, Stanford Avenue Elementary School

2/6/15 – Placerville, CA – “This is the 3rd year we’ve had the Arithmetickles performance – it is just as engaging and entertaining as the first time. Our students enjoy the participation, energy and challenging aspect of this performance. Thank you for bringing such an excellent performance to our schools.” Principal, Gold Oak Elementary

2/3/15 – Burlingame, CA – “The first time I saw this program last year I thought it was excellent. This year lower grades seemed to enjoy program even more! There was something for all ages. The host of the show did a great job entertaining the students.” Teachers, Our Lady of Angels School

1/20/2015 – Lyndhurst, NJ – “Excellent job! I love how enthusiastic and engaging the host was with the children!” PTA President, Franklin Elem School

11/20/14 – Reedsburg, WI – “The program was great! The presenter was fabulous. We expected 100 and had about 300 children and parents. HE did a great job. The students were engaged as well as the parents.” Director of Staff Development, West Side Elem School

11/19/14 – Cambellsport, WI – “This show was a great way to end our Family Math Night. Both parents and students enjoyed this performance as math was brought alive on-stage.” Principal, Cambelsport Elem School

11/3/14 – Stafford, VA – “The program was beyond our expectations! Very interactive, made students think! Full of energy, laughter and fully entertaining! Kids loved every minute of the program. We absolutely want Arithmetickles back next year.” Principal, Stafford Elem School

6/20/14 – Rockville Centre, NY – “It was a fun, educational and interactive program. Not to mention our students but teachers enjoyed your show
very much as well (One of our math teacher said that Arithmetickles was excellent). It was great to engage students through problems, questions, and participation!” AIM Chair, South Side Middle School

5/2/14 – Spencer, MA – “Students and staff thought it was funny. Math was presented in a artistically clever manner to make everyone think.” Assistant Principal, Knox Trail Junior High

4/30/14 – Walpole, MA – “We cannot thank you enough for your fantastic show and making Family Math Night at Elm Street School very fun and memorable!  We wanted to reinvent our Math Night and with your help we certainly did.  I heard many wonderful comments afterward: “I’ve been to many Math Nights and this by far was the best one ever!”…”This was so much fun!  Thank you!”…”It was so great seeing families relaxed, spending time together, and having fun with Math all at the same time!”…”The word problem skit was great and it was a riot to see the kids in the different assigned roles as members of an imaginary extended family.”…”Where did you find Aritmetickles and I’m so glad you did?!”

From the kids… “That was awesome!  We had a lot a fun!” …”I really liked when someone said “um” Ben said “please be more specific!”
My son won the multiple of 7 game and said “That was so funny and I can’t believe I won!”…”The Tic Tac Toe skit was cool, can we do that again?”
“When can he come back?”
 You clearly have special talents.  Thank for sharing those with so many and bringing people together.  I am looking forward to hearing form our sister elementary schools and targeting a time next year!” President, Elm Street Sch PAC

4/25/14 – New Windsor, NY – “This show was excellent! It was geared toward the students\’ grade level and math abilities. The students, teachers, and parents who attended were all very happy with the fun math games and activities.” Assistant Principal, Little Britain Elem School

4/10/14 – Menasha, WI – “The educational quality of Arithmetickles and the presenter interaction with the students were very good. The technical and artistic quality of the program together with the students response were excellent! We would definitely recommend this program to other schools!” Math Coach, Clovis Grove Elementary School.

4/7/14 – Batavia, IL – “Our staff and students really enjoyed the Arithmetickles performance. I received positive feedback from teachers because they liked the way that he involved and engaged the students. We would definitely have him come back again in the future.” Assembly coordinator/teacher, Alice Gustafson Elem School

4/4/14 – Latham, NY – “After participating in the Arithmetickles performances, we surveyed the faculty. Everyone that responded thoroughly enjoyed the show and stated that their students greatly enjoyed it as well. The students have asked to play some of the games that were presented during the presentation.” Classroom Teacher, Latham Ridge School

3/27/14 – Lake Hopatcong, NJ – “Arithmetickles was an interactive and enjoyable show. The students were excited and engaged throughout the program. The presenter really seemed to enjoy math and sharing his love for the subject with the audience.” BSIP Math Teacher, Ellen T Briggs Elem School

3/19/14 – Manchester, NH – “Both shows were great! They were entertaining, educational and each were age appropriate. By having both students and staff as active participants in the show, it allowed for even our youngest kindergarten students to remain focused for the entire performance.” Principal, Green Acres Elem School

3/10/14 – Penn Laird, VA = “We loved the interactive games. The parent night was wonderful and informative…I felt that the program was WONDERFUL and my son LOVED it and wanted to be on stage the whole time. Thank you for coming to Virginia and making Math so much fun!” PTA president, Peak View Elem School.

2/28/14 – Cedarhurst, NY – “Thank you so much for an awesome show! It was fun, educational, and very entertaining! The students really loved participating in the show! It was a great time for the students and the staff!” Cultural Art Rep, Lawrence #5 School.

2/24/14 – Greenlawn, NY – “Student Response, Artistic and Educational Quality, Presenter Interaction with Students, Technical Quality of Program – EXCELLENT! I would highly recommend this show.” Assistant Principal, Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School

2/6/14 – Escalon, CA – “We really enjoyed the Arithmetickles performances. The performance kept the kids engaged. I loved how he targeted the different age groups during the performances. The host was awesome and I would recommend any school having him come.” Vice Principal, Dent Elem School.

1/30/14 – Thiells, NY – “It was a great learning experience for the children. It kept their attention and engaged them to want to learn more about Math.” PTA President, Thiells Elem School.

1/17/14 – Katonah, NY – “The host provides an engaging and fun program that promotes math thinking and listening skills. Students response, Artistic and educational qualities, Artist interaction with students – were all excellent! I do recommend this program to other schools.” Katonah Elem School, Enrichment Coordinator

1/16/14 – Eastchester, NY – “We got such wonderful feedback both students and teachers enjoyed the assembly look forward to booking you for next school year!” Cultural Arts Rep, Anne Hutchinson School

11/20/14 – Reedsburg, WI – “The presenter was fabulous. We expected 100 and had about 300 children and parents. HE did a great job. The students were engaged as well as the parents.” Director of Staff Development, West Side Elem School

11/19/14 – Campbellsport, WI – “This show was a great way to end our Family Math Night. Both parents and students enjoyed this performance as math was brought alive on-stage.” Principal, Campbellsport Elem School

10/22/14 – Stafford, VA – “The program was beyond our expectations! Very interactive, made students think! Full of energy,laughter and fully entertaining! Kids loved every minute of the program. We absolutely want him back next year.” Principal, Stafford Elem School

12/17/13 – Randolph, NJ – “Artistic Quality of Arithmetickles was very good. Presenter interaction with students and their response were excellent.Both technical and educational qualities were excellent. We though the show was great!” PTO Cultural Arts, Shongum Elem. School.

12/12/13 – Baltimore, MD – “This proved to be a fun-filled family involvement program for our community. Students of all ages were thoroughly engaged in the activities, ranging from young learners, to those in our 4th and 5th classes. Several teachers commented that they will certainly use many of the learning activities in their classrroms. At the conclusion ofthe program, our parents completed a survey about the program. With no exception, all of them gave the program kudos and requested that we invite the host back to our school.” Principal, Chadwick Elementary School.

11/15/13 – Long Branch, NJ – “Thank you for a great show! Our students were excited about math and continue to talk about “Arithmetickles” daily. It was a great experience for all!” Math Facilitator, Morris Avenue School.

11/12/13 – Annandale, NJ – “The teachers said Arithmetickles supported what the students were studying, and were delighted with the competitive fun of the program. The upbeat music, obviously well-liked by the students, kept the program fast-paced and exciting.” Hunterdon Co. Cultural & Heritage Commissioner, Immaculate Conception School.

11/6/13 – Rockville Center, NY – “Great assembly. Kids and teachers loved it!” Aim Chairperson, Wilson School

10/21/13 – Caldwell, NJ – “Student response and presenter interaction with the students were excellent. Also the artistic, educational and technical qualities of Arithmetickles were excellent!. I would definitely recommend this program to other schools.” Principal, Lincoln School.

10/4/13 – Washington Twp., NJ – “The students and teachers looked like they were having a blast! They were all very attentive and couldn’t wait to participate in the games. We loved the performance and will definitely ask for arithmetickles to come back in the future.” Cultural Enrichment, Washington Elem School

10/3/13 – Middletown, PA – “Great show. The kids and teachers were engaged, laughing and learning.” Principal, Londonderry Elem School

6/14/13 – Charleston, WV – “We really loved the program and the patrons had a great time! The student response, artistic and education qualities were excellent. I would recommend this program to other libraries and schools.” Library Club Coordinator, Kanawha County Public Library

6/6/13 – Tacoma, WA – “I was pleasantly surprised at what got the kids thinking and laughing. Wish we would have done this earlier in the year to get them more motivated and remember math!” Principal, Point Defiance School

6/5/13 – Cupertino, CA – “Our students really enjoyed this show! The presenter interaction with our students was very good and the artistic quality was excellent. I would definitely recommend Arithmetickles to other schools.” Assemblies Chair, D J Sedgwick Elem School

5/22/13 – Lorain, OH – “Arithmetickles was an interesting afternoon presentation at our middle school. Our students enjoyed the presentation, both those who were chosen to be up front and those who were participating from the audience.” Math Coach, Summit Academy Middle School.

5/9/2013 – Easton, MA – “I would like to thank you for a wonderful performance at our school. The kids and the parents absolutely loved the show! Thank you for making it so entertaining…” PTA, Mareau Hall Elem. School

5/7/13 Cresco, PA – “The students were actively engaged at all times during the show. They really enjoyed the program. The information that was presented was exactly what students are learning in the classroom. I liked how it had students from each grade level participate as one and then all the grades together. It helps with different levels of learning and age groups.” Assembly Coordinator/Teacher, Barrett Elem Center

4/30/13 Woodbury, CT – “This assembly was absolutely fantastic! The kids LOVED it!! we have gotten a great response from the teachers & the kids!” PTO President, Mitchell Elem School

4/29/13 Brooklyn, NY – “I thought the 6th-8th grade show was great! The kids were laughing and thinking and engaged!! Can’t wait to see another version of the show next year!!” Math Coordinator, St. Therese of Lisieux School

4/9/13 Grantsburg, WI – “High energy engaging show for our students! Student response, artistic quality, presenter interaction with students and even the technical quality of the program were EXCELLENT.” Principal, Grantsburg Elementary School

3/14/13 Goshen, CT – “The program you presented was outstanding! The students were so engaged. I was amazed at the level of rigor you included in the math games, and the way our students rose to the challenge. Thank you also for talking up the evening show at our Family Math Night. We had more families attend our Math Night than we expected, and we credit you for the extra advertising!” Principal, Goshen Center School
“Arithmetickles is a wonderful, interactive program that enables students to visualize math problems by acting them out. The program engages students mentally and physically and encourages them to work as a team to problem solve. It is a brilliant program that presents math in a fun, exciting manner!” TeacherGoshen Center School, Special Education
“I really enjoyed the performance. Not only were the students engaged but the teachers were as well. I liked how the teachers were included in the show. It was nice to be cheered on by the students. I would love to have Arithmetickles return.” Teacher, Goshen Center School

3/13/13 Wyckoff, NJ – “The host of Arithmetickles did an excellent job working with students who weren’t exactly on track and steering them in the right direction. He made sure all students on stage were comfortable and eager to answer questions. A great time was had by all: students, teachers and parents. Math is fun!” Math Specialist, Sicomac School.

3/8/13 Staten Island, NY – “This was a wonderful assembly. Our students, all 960 of them, we engaged throughout all 3 shows. We will most certainly be booking again next year!” PTA Corresponding Secretary, PS 36 John C Drungoole School

3/1/13 Dover, DE – “My students loved the program. They were enthusiastic and excited about the program when we exited the cafeteria. Most students shared what happened with parents over the weekend. It was a hit with my class! We look forward to see the program next year. As a teacher, I like the differentiation of skills for grade levels. The skills were appropriate and challenged students to think and apply math strategies to solve each problem. Thanks for sharing this program with us.”Elementary Math Specialist, North Dover Elem School

3/1/13 Dover, DE – “Several students came in to the assembly area with “attitudes” and the host immediately got them engaged with the storm in his brain and they were excited throughout the show! The program was engaging and students enjoyed the interactivity. Breaking activities into grade levels was a positive. My third grade students asked to play the 4th grade/multiples game as soon as we returned to class! That particular game ties right in with what we are covering in math right now. “Elementary Math Specialist, Fairview Elem School.

2/28/13 Dover, DE – “The humor mixed with the math and listening skills was great! Students thoroughly enjoyed their stage ages, names and activities. They had great practice with numerous math facts such as adding ten, elapsed time, comparing ages and doing all of it mentally!” Elementary Math Specialist, Towne Point Elem School.

2/28/13 Dover, DE – “The children seemed to enjoy the program, as well as the teachers. They were all given an opportunity to participate even if they were not selected to be on the stage. The program was exciting and held the interest of the students. Thank you for such a super fabulous presentation – Excellent program!” Teachers, Booker T. Washington Elem. School

2/27/13 Dover, DE – ” Loved all of the fun math activities along with the problem solving presented. Kids had a great time.” Teacher, South Dover Elem. School

2/11/13 Pittstown, NJ – ” A wonderful audience participation program that incorporates mathematically thinking and applications. The children enjoyed being on stage with the presenter and actively participating with their peers to solve math questions.” Math and Science Coach K-5, Laster D Wilson Elem. School

2/6/13 Granite Bay, CA – “We did enjoy the assembly. Thank you for coming to Greenhills! It was entertaining and fun for sure! Thanks again!” Teacher, Greenhills Elem. School.

2/1/13 Santa ClaritaCA– ” We thought the show really engaged all the students. They enjoyed learning math and tricks to finding out the answer. Overall it was a great program. Thank you.” V. P. of Programs, West Creek Academy.

1/31/13 Santa Ana, CA – “I thought it was very entertaining and got me excited about teaching math with more enthusiasm. Job well done!” Teacher, Douglas Macarthur Fundame School.

1/30/13 Rowayton, CT – “The Arithmetickles assembly was great! I heard so many great compliments from the teachers and staff about the host and the show. The absolute highlight was when the teachers were brought up onstage. There’s nothing kids love more than seeing their teachers onstage for an assembly! Definitely one of the most educational and beneficial assemblies we’ve had at our school. The program was really well geared to each grade’s math level while still being fun and engaging to the other grades present.” Enrichment Coordinator, Rowayton School

1/14/13, Smithtown, NY – “As always, this assembly was wonderful! We just love how it really gets the children mentally focused with challenging math concepts!” Teacher, Dogwood Elem School

1/9/13 Carteret, NJ – “It was an Excellent show!! The children were very excited and eager to listen and learn! I would recommend this show to all schools!!” Vice President, Private Nicholas Minue Sch.

1/7/13 Bellmore, NY – “Program was engaging, entertaining, informative, and extremely well received by both students and faculty!” Cultural Arts Committee, C. A. Reinhard School

1/4/2013 Yardley, PA – “Our school overwhelmingly LOVED this presentation. We had two shows that were age appropriate for K-2 and 3-5. The children laughed and continue to talk about the assembly. The staff has reported to me that it was the best assembly they have seen in years! The involvement of the students and staff combined with the host’s wit, knowledge and demonstrable subject matter made this a FANTASTIC assembly experience. We highly recommend this assembly to any school who is looking to make Math fun!!” PTO Assembly Rep, Edgewood Elem. School

12/19/12 Bethel, PA – ” I watched both presentations and thought they were awesome! The kids were intently watching and learning. The teachers got some good ideas to use in their classrooms as well. Presenter’s demeanor and comedic flare made it fun for everyone! So glad I chose this as one of our assemblies this year!!! I would highly recommend this program to any school.”  PTO Assembly Coordinator, Bethel Elem School.

12/7/2012 Abington, MA – “Arithmetickles – the best program yet!” Enrichment Coordinator, St. Bridget School

12/6/12 Pembroke, MA – “The students and staff had a very positive feeling about the assemblies!”
” The Arithmetickles assembly was very interesting. It helped students think mentally.”
” I loved it!!!!! Loved the “Boo” game the host did with third graders – I plan on using this with my class as we are getting into our multiplication tables. He really captured and kept everyone’s attention throughout the entire program… I would love to see him come back!!”
“I absolutely loved it. It got the kids involved, every student was paying attention. I love anything enrichment. We are going to use the pattern game that he had the kids in the line doing, adding or subtracting from original numbers. I saw their brains working on stage and in the audience!”
“I thought it was great and my students said they loved it, too!” Teachers and staff, N. Pembroke Elem. School

11/29/12 New Hyde Park, NY – “The show was absolutely fantastic!  The host of the show was absolutely wonderful.  He did a great job of keeping the kids engaged for the entire program.  The teachers loved it and so did the Principal. I will be recommending this program to other schools in the area.” PTA Committee Chair, Manor Oaks William Bowie School

11/28/12 Brwyn, IL – “Our children thoroughly enjoyed the assembly. Our teachers were enthusiastic and very pleased with Arithmetickles. Your show was truly enjoyed by all, staff and students alike.” PTO Treasurer, Jefferson Elem School

11/13/12 White Plains, NY – “Every one enjoyed the show! It had me thinking! The educational quality of the show is excellent!” PTA, Church Street School

11/7/12, West Friendship, MD – “Arithmetickles was a hit at our school! The program is engaging and the children have fun while problem solving. They also learn the value of listening closely!” Principal, West Friendship Elem School
Outstanding, energetic, and captivating. The students and staff loved it! The host of the show kindled a fire for making math fun, and for listening to details!” PTA President, West Friendship Elem School

11/2/12, Salem, MA – “The show was FANTASTIC! It was fully engaging for all children and staff. The children were challenged to solve practical math problems. My favorite part was when you walked the children through how to solve a multiplication problem!” Nathaniel Bowditch School, Teacher/Enrichment Committee Chair

11/1/12, Foxborough, MA – “The students and teachers love this program. We enjoy having Arithmetickles come to our school each year.” PTO Vice President, Charles Taylor Elem. School

10/26/12, Eastchester, NY – “The show was wonderful! The host of the show does an excellent job in keeping the 6th grade students’ attention. This is why we have the show back every year.”Eastchester Middle School, Teacher

10/22/12, Whippany, NJ – “Everyone loved it! The staff and students found it very entertaining.  Educationally, it was a very sound program.” Bee Meadow SchoolPTA Vice President

5/16/12, Santa Rosa, CA – “Fabulous interactive and engaging assembly. Students and staff were talking about the great way to motivate kids to learn math. Definitely invite you back!” Principal, John B. Riebli Elem. School

5/3/12, Arlington Heights, IL – “We really enjoyed the Arithmetickles performances! I received very positive feedback from both students and teachers. All commented on how funny the host of the show was, and what a fun show it was. I also appreciated how he took the time to adjust the show to target the different age groups.” St. Peter Lutheran School, PTL Education Coordinator

4/23/12, Marlton, NJ – ” It was an outstanding performance. No sooner had the show ended and I arrived home from the performance when parents were e-mailing me on how much they enjoyed the performance. They said this was the best math night we have had at Van Zant. When I came into school the next day the children were all talking about it. They were telling their teachers and classmates their experience of being on stage. The teachers who attended enjoyed it immensely!!!”Van Zant SchoolPrincipal,

3/30/12, Brooklyn, NY – “We would like to say thank you for a terrific show! It was very nice of you to work with my secretary to confirm the times and the place.  Also, we appreciate the efficiency of the e-mails and phone calls. With that said, we want to say the show was a huge success!  The children at both shows were highly engaged and enthralled.  There was differentiation at each show and all children were able to take something away with them.  They were laughing and having a great time.  We would gladly recommend you to other schools. Looking forward to another great experience with “Arithmetickles!” PS 186K, Principal

3/23/12, Colts Neck, NJ – “Our fifth grade students LOVED the performance you did at our school! They were so excited to participate and be a part of the show. Even the students in the audience were actively engaged in the performance. We can’t wait to have Arithmetickles come back next year.” Conover Road School, Fifth Grade Teacher

3/13/12, North Wales, PA – “Our 4th and 5th grade students enjoyed the performance. Students were excited to participate. A great time was had by all!” North Wales Elem. School, Title Teacher

3/12/12, Pearl River, NY – “The performance was awesome! Clever games that kept the students engaged.” Evans Park School, Cultural Arts Coordinator

3/9/12, Feeding Hills, MA – ” This was a great show! The students were engaged and had a lot of fun. The presenter did a great job involving the audience… I like how he made the math interactive for the students and made them think. I do hope he comes back. Thank You!” Clifford M Granger School, Classroom Teachers

3/9/12, Westfield, MA – “The students enjoyed the performance on Friday. The performance showed students math can be fun and exciting. They were talking about it at lunchtime.” Highland School, Assistant Principal

3/8/12, Easton, MA – “The children LOVED your show and parents really enjoyed it as well. We loved how the presenter was able to make math look fun. Also that he got parents involved. The set was very eye catching as well.” Moreau Hall Elem School, Enrichment Coordinator

3/8/12, Alexandria, VA – “The host of Arithmetickles did a great job! It was so fun to have it at night so that the parents could participate, too. What a fun-filled night of math.” Washington Mill Elem School, PTA President

3/8/12, Fairfax. VA – “I just came home from a day of the 3 Arithmetickles shows. What an enjoyable day! The host was a master at entertaining the children. He engaged kids of all ages. Clearly, lots of children were laughing and learning which seems like a magical combination to me. I received many nice compliments from teachers and staff about the performances.  I would thoroughly recommend your business to other schools if asked. When choosing an assembly forum for our school, my greatest concern was finding the right mix of education and fun.  You nailed it! I can’t thank you enough for coming to our school and pleasing so many people at one time.” Eagle View Elem School, PTA Board Vice President

3/6/12, Hillsboro, NH – “I really enjoyed both the K-2 and 3-5 shows! I enjoyed the teacher TV channel part of the show for K-2 and think that 3-5 would have enjoyed it as well. I liked the audience participation and volunteers going up on the stage. ” Hillboro Deering Elem School, Math Coach

3/5/12, Dudley, MA – “I thought that the material was appropriate as well as fun. The presenter was knowledgable and effective. He was engaging. I did like the way that he tried to make the children not “feel bad” when they gave an incorrect response. Trying and effort were seen as a positive…This was a great performance. All students were engaged the entire time. They were excited and almost all wanted to participate! Best of all, even when they couldn’t be involved in the show they were discussing the right answers and trying to solve the riddles”. Dudley Middle School, Teachers.

3/5/12, Irvington, VA – ” I enjoyed watching the total engagement of all the students during the performance. I think the activities were very age appropriate…Great ideas. Thanks for the teachers’ packet that is available on the site. My students were excited and ready for math class.” Cheaspeake Academy, Teachers

3/4/12, Dudley, MA – “Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful program this morning.  The kids are all a buzz and so excited about the “fun math guy”!!  Such a great way to start the week!” Dudley Middle School, Math & Social Studies Teacher

2/16/12, Queens, NY – “The program was not only extremely engaging for all participants, but educational as well. A worthwhile assembly for our students! Thanks for your professionalism and a wonderful production.” Queens College School for the Arts, Assistant Principal

2/3/12, Dublin, CA – “We love Arithmetickles! Our students and parents alike were totally engaged in the show. It is a wonderful night time event and we would love to have Arithmetickles come to our school every year.” Quarry Lane School, Director

2/3/12, San Jose, CA – ” My staff said the students enjoyed the assembly very much. The teachers also mentioned that they learned strategies to use in their classrooms.” Katherine R. Smith Elem School, Assistant Principal

2/1/12, Burlingame, CA – “The whole school truly enjoyed the Arithmetickles assembly. The show is fun, lively, entertaining, interactive and educational. We were very pleased with the presentation and look forward to enjoying Arithmetickles in the future.” Our Lady of Angels School, Enrichment coordinator

1/19/12, Livingston, NJ – “We really enjoyed this show!!! It was not only fun and funny, but educational. It held the kids attention and they really enjoyed learning your math tricks.” Burnet Hill School, Cultural Arts Committee Chair

1/18/12, Mahopac, NY – “We thoroughly enjoyed participating in Arithmetickles. The enthusiasm, creativity, and energy that you displayed undoubtedly is the key to your success. The kids were able to experience math on a very realistic level. Loved the fact that mental math was a large part of the show. Thank you, thank you for a wonderful morning!” Austin Road Elem. School, Teacher

1/17/12, East Islip, NY – “We LOVED the Arithmetickles show! The host kept the kids involved and interested.. the teachers and staff had nothing but good words for the show. All in all.. great program”!  Timber Point Elem School, PTA cultural arts

1/10/12. Katonah, NY – “Arithmetickles was brilliant. It was right on target with the students’ ages. I’ve never seen the 4th and 5th graders look so captivated by a show. The host had not only the children totally enthralled, but also the teachers. It was a fun, energetic show that had everyone thinking. We all wanted to figure out the math ‘problems’ that the host posed to us before he demonstrated how to get the answers.” Katonah Elementary School, PTA

1/8/12, Riverdale, NJ – “…The host did an excellent job at engaging the children in various math topics and making what could be viewed as a boring topic FUN! This wasn’t only an educational assembly; it was an entertaining performance that definitely got the students thinking and problem-solving. I have received a lot of positive feedback from both students and teachers alike. The students loved that the host used interactive games which kept them attentive throughout the whole assembly. In addition, his sense of humor, theatrics, and animation had everyone laughing in their seats. We really appreciate that the host could target the two assemblies to the older (5-8) and younger (K-4) students. The younger grades enjoyed how he incorporated their teachers in the last segment; it was fun for the children to see their teachers’ personalities light up the stage as they saw how math is used in everyday situations. “Arithmetickles” is definitely a program I would recommend to other schools.” Riverdale Public School, PTA Cultural Arts Chairperson

1/6/12, Plymouth, CT – “The presenter did an excellent job of getting the children excited about math. The audience was actively involved and eager to learn more. We loved how the program incorporated everyday uses for math” Plymouth Center School, Teacher

1/5/12, Ossining, NY – “Absolutely by far the best assembly we ever had. Very funny, and taught the teachers and children that they need to listen. It has been 4 days since the assembly and parents, teachers, and students are still telling me how much they enjoyed it. The principal was very impressed. The price was great, and very little requirements for set up. We will definitely have this assembly again.” St. Augustine School, Assembly Coordinator

12/20/11, Newark, NJ – “Fantastic show! This was a wonderful “addition” to our family math night once again!” Miller St. School, Math Coach/Teacher

12/12/11, Staten Island, NY – “The student response, artistic and educational qualities and the presenter interaction with the students were EXCELLENT. What a great show – I would definitely recommend Arithmetickles to other schools!” Enrichment Through the Arts, Director

12/8/11, Bridgewater, MA – “It was a great presentation, the students AND the teachers enjoyed it. The activities gave the teachers ideas they could use in class. As for student response, artistic & educational quality, presenter interaction with students & even technical quality of program were all excellent! I would highly recommend this show.” Williams Intermediate School, Principal

12/8/11, New Bedford, MA – “Students were engaged and eager to participate. The presenter was fantastic!…” Thomas Rodman School, Principal

12/7/11, Marshfield, MA – “The second grade team agreed that the students were engaged and enjoyed the show. Students could see how we use math every day and how math is all around us…
Our first graders loved the Arithmetickles program. They were laughing and engaged through the whole performance. Anything that makes them see numbers and math as a fun, entertaining activity is terrific. The concepts of odd/even, place value, and numbers in their environment were presented in a thoroughly engaging way!”
Governor Winslow School, Math Teacher

11/30/11, Virginia Beach, VA – “Arithmetickles was WONDERFUL! The host was animated, entertaining, and engaging. The students and parents laughed and learned throughout the entire show. The audience participation was outstanding! The math was grade level appropriate and the host of the show handled the diversity of the students with care.” Holland Elementary, Math Specialist

11/29/11, Virginia Beach, VA – “I thought it was a good program and many teachers made similar comments regarding how much they enjoyed it. The set was bright and interesting, and the host kept the program rolling at a good pace. I thought the students had a high level of interest.” Parkway Elementary, Math Specialist

10/31/11, Oxford, OH – “I loved the Arithmetickles presentation. There was great interaction with the students to keep them alert and excited. The enthusiasm grew when teachers were called on stage too. The host was so enthused in performing. It showed in his act and was wonderful.” Bogan Elementary PTG-Secretary

10/28/11, Eastchester, NY – “Year after year, Arithmetickles continues to be an excellent assembly program for our 6th graders. The students are engaged during the show and love the audience participation. The math skills used are very appropriate, not too easy, not too challenging, so any students participating won’t feel inadequate if called upon. Overall, excellent assembly program.”6th grade math teacher, Eastchester Middle School

10/21/11, Palmyra, NJ – “The children really enjoyed the show!!” PTA member, Charles St. School

10/13/11, Stafford, VA – “I WISH we had something like Arithmetickles visit my school when I was young! It was a fun way of learning math…I was never taught how math could be fun! The presenter engaged the students. They were interested in the content which was appropriate to their level of development. He was kind to those chosen to be on stage whether their answers were correct or incorrect. We recommend this excellent show to other schools.” Media Specialist & Art Teacher , Rockhill Elem. School

10/12/11, Frederic, MD – “The show was great! The way the host incorporated numbers with everyday events – he made it fun for the kids. We also enjoyed the teachers involvement…We would recommend this program!” Enrichment Coordinator, Centerville Elem School

6/7/11, Marlborough, CT – “The students really enjoyed the program. The artistic quality and the presenter interaction with students was very good. We would like to have you back in the near future!” Math Specialist, Marlborough Elem. School

5/27/11, Leeds, MA – “This program was one of the best assemblies that I have ever seen! The students (and teachers) were engaged from beginning to end. Material was age and grade level appropriate and held the interest of everyone in the crowd. The presenter had 150 kids completely enchanted in the duration of the activity. This is no easy task. Well done, and I hope we have Arithmetickles back next year.” Teachers, Leeds Elem. School

5/25/11, Ayer, MA – “The presenter did a great job interacting with the students, motivating them to participate and learn. The students devoted their attention to him and were laughing consistently. They loved the program! I loved the different levels of difficulty. It engaged all students. Great job!” Teacher, Page Hilltop School

5/24/11, Foxboro, MA – “The show incorporated students and engaged the whole audience! Math concepts were appropriate for grade levels.” PTO President, Burrell Elem. School

5/23/11, Methuen, MA – “The program was age appropriate and grade relevant. The kids were very engaged and remarked that math was fun!” Math Coach, Marsh School.

5/20/11, Schenectady, NY – “This presentation was high energy and every child was engaged! It was excellent, the children had a great time and so did the adults. Having a group of teachers in the “act” at the end was a great idea, the kids loved it and even the staff was talking and laughing about it all day. We even took back some of the activities and tried them in our classroom in the afternoon. The presenter was very enthusiastic, current and entertaining. The math concepts were very appropriate as well. They were challenging, at times, but problems they could solve. I loved the show & I hope our PTO brings it into Paige School again next year! Teachers, Paige School.

5/18/11, Bogota, NJ – “The two programs presented to our students (K-3; 4-6) were very entertaining and engaging. Both students and teachers came away with a renewed enthusiasm about mathematics. I was also able to immediately apply activities in my classroom which sparked excitement in my students while reinforcing math concepts and skills. I would highly recommend Arithmetickles!” Teacher, Roy Bixby School.

5/9/11, Huntington Valley, PA – “Students were enthusiastic and engaged during the entire assembly. There was a lot of thinking going on in the room. I would definetely recommend the show!” Asst. Principal, Pine Road Elem. School

4/11/11, Springfield, NJ – “I would absolutely recommend this program to other schools. The presenter captivated and engaged the audience while teaching math in a fun new way!” Program Coordinator, Sandmeier School

4/7/11, Sagamore Hills, OH – “The host had our students from K-4 completely immersed in his presentation. I would absolutely recommend this show to other schools!” Principal, Rushwood Elem.

4/7/11, Poughkeepsie, NY – “Arithmetickles captures the essence of how you get children excited about learning while reinforcing math skills.” Principal, Morse Magnet School

4/6/11, Zionsville, IN – “The entire program was highly engaging and relevant to our students’ academic studies and application to real life!” Principal, Stonegate Elem School

4/5/11, Greenfield, IN – “The program gave both students and staff ideas about making math fun. Programs on math are few and far between. This show was great!” Principal, J B Stephens Elem.

4/4/11, Chestnut Ridge, NY – “It was entertaining while educational. Students had a great time!” Cultural Arts, Fleetwood Elem School

4/4/11, Westwood, NJ – “It was certainly meaningful and fun for our students. As a former math teacher I was very excited to hear the kids still discussing math after the program ended.” Principal, Westwood Regional High School

3/29/11, Passaic, NJ – “The host was able to modify his performance to the student’s needs. In both schools there were students who had some trouble following so the modification was excellent!” Math Coach, School #7 & #16

3/23/11, Irvington, VA – “The host entertained and challenged the students in each assembly to think about math differently. One student is so turned on to the lateral thinking questions, that he has requested that we offer them each day! We would recommend Arithmetickles highly.” Chesapeake Academy, Head of School

3/22/11, Virginia Beach, VA – “Students and teachers all commented on how much fun they had. The teachers also said they will use some of the games during their own math classes. The host did an excellent job; He worked hard, is an awesome actor, and was well organized. We will definitely recommend this program.” Math Specialist, Luxford Elem. School

3/22/11, Paramus, NJ – “Arithmetickles was a wonderful assembly, lively and created excitement around math. The segment with the teacher involvement was fantastic as was audience participation.” Principal, Stony Lane School

3/21/11, Seaside Heights, NJ – “The presenter had a delightful sense of humor and the children enjoyed their afternoon learning to have fun using numbers and understanding basic math concepts. The host presented many clever ideas for teachers to use when teaching math to their students. The title of the show is perfect!” Principal, Hugh J Boyd Jr. Elem. School

3/18/11, South Riding, VA – “This was one of the most interactive and high participation assemblies we have had. We would absolutely recommend Arithmetickles – Great assembly!” Assistant Principal, Little River Elem. School

3/14/11, Picscataway, NJ – “The show is fun for all the students and teachers too! Students had fun while they were actively engaged plus learning or renewing several math terms! I also loved how you connected it to their daily lives. Keep up the great work! Awesome show!!” Teacher, Knollwood School

3/11/11, Chadds Ford, PA – “The assembly was not only entertaining but appropriate for all grade levels. The math skills presented were well received by the students…Excellent presenter!” Principal, St. Cornelius School

3/10/11, Chelsea, MA – “We loved the show – I mean everyone from children, faculty, custodians, secretary, parents, administration…We absolutely recommend this program – The host was great!” Math Lead, William Berkowitz School

3/9/11, Stoughton, MA – “The host of Arithmetickles was a terrific presenter. He was able to balance enthusiasm with order. Often times presenters come in and get students riled up then leave them to go back to class…in Arithmetickles he left them with smiles of joy!” Principal, Joseph Gibbons School

3/9/11, North Attleboro, MA – “Many teachers and students in attendance commented on the quality of the program, the energy or the host and the fun he brought to the school day. The students participated with enthusiasm even though they were doing MATH! Many commented how they thought the program was going to be boring…but boy were they wrong!” PTO President, Falls Elem. School

3/8/11, Waltham, MA – “The program was well designed and age appropriate. I will definitely recommend this show to other schools.” Asst. Principal, William F Stanley Elem. School

3/8/11, Cumberland, RI – “The host was excellent. The students and parents were enthusiastic and engaged for the entire presentation. The math content presented was done in a fun way and students talked about how much they enjoyed it for days after. Definitely a success! I am going to bring back Arithmetickles for next year and already recommended the program to other schools.” Math coach, Community School

3/7/11, Littleton, MA – “The host of the show was great, he could really relate to the children. They were so excited after the daytime Arithmetickles show that over 200 families showed up to the Arithmetickles Math night event!” Math Specialist, Russell St. School

3/3/11, Greenlawn, NY – “This was an exciting show for the children (and the faculty). It showed fun ways of practicing math concepts. The host was awesome…Great show!”
PTA Chairperson, Thomas J Lahey School

3/1/11 Eastchester, NY – “We have had this show presented to our 6th grades for years. It’s consistently excellent, wonderful and of high quality. The host was a great presenter, very enthusiastic!” Math Teacher, Eastchester Middle School

3/1/11, Larchmont, NY – “The children were excited, engaged and learning! I think all of us will incorporate the ideas presented in our classroom.” Teacher, Sts. John & Paul School

2/28/11, Pelham, NY – “The host had a unique ability to engage both girls and boys from K-5! There was non-stop laughter, the kids were engaged and kids and teachers were left wanting more. I have received a great deal of positive feedback from students, teachers and parents!” Cultural Arts PTA, Prospect Hill School

2/24/11, Ramsey, NJ – “Everyone commented that they enjoyed the students and teacher participation. The children were engaged and a lot of information was addressed. The host got across our themes for math day: Math is a game and a very important part of everyday life…We asked you back because we enjoyed the program previously!” BSI Math & Reading, W Tisdale School

2/24/11, Camden, NJ – “Wonderful interactive math program for students! I would absolutely recommend this show to other schools.” Math Coach, Sharp Elem. School

2/7/11, Smithtown, NY – “This program is perfect aligned with our math program. The students were engaged and challenged. Teachers will definitely be able to use the games and experiences.” Teacher, Accompsett Elem. School

2/7/11, Old Brookville, NY – “Engaging and fun. The host had great energy! Well done! Thank you for a great show!” Math teacher, The Green Vale School

1/31/11, Prospect, CT – “Both the presenter and the art director were professional and accommodating. The host did a great job engaging the lads at their level and making it fun to do math. It was nice to see how quickly the children went from saying “oh, it’s just going to be math” to jumping up to be called on to participate!” Enrichment Coordinator, Community School

1/28/10, Little Falls, NJ – “What a great way to get young students excited about math. All the students were actively engaged in the program. It was fun – Excellent job!” Math Teacher, School #3

1/24/11, Marlboro, NJ – “I would highly recommend Arithmetickles! It was a high energy, highly entertaining math show – who knew?! The host engaged the entire student body in a way that was appropriate for every age level. The teachers had fun participating too!” – PTA Cultural Arts Chairperson, Marlboro Elem. School.

1/13/11, Tracy, CA – “The presenter did an excellent job at engaging the students. I would recommend the show – it is very educational and fun.” Assistant Principal, Southwest Park School

1/6/11, Whittier, CA – “The show got the kids laughing & thinking…the teacher improv show at the end was the best …I would highly recommend it!” PTA, Leffingwell School

12/16/10, West Friendship, MD – “The host of Arithmetickles did a terrific job. He arrived promptly in a snow storm and wow-ed the audience. The show is fun, educational, interactive – Bravo!” Principal, West Friendship Elem. School

12/13/10, Newark, NJ – “Arithmetickles incorporated curriculum based elements by focusing students attention and making it fun and interactive. I would definitely recommend this program to other schools and would like to invite them back next year!” School Counselor, Lafayette St. School

12/10/10, Manhattan, NY– “Arithmetickles is engaging on all levels! The kids are entertained the whole program! It’s educational fun all the way and the best part, parents are part of the show. The host of the show was beyond what we expected! Kids enjoyed watching their parents go on stage and learn many funny and creative techniques regarding numbers. I would absolutely recommend this program!” Title 1 Rep/PTA President, PS 20

12/9/10, Foxboro, MA – “The program was engaging, educational, creative and filled with energy. Very positive feedback from both teachers and students. One of our teachers commented that he plans to try the game of the storytelling ideas using math facts and problems in his math classroom. I thought the program was fantastic!” PTO Vice-President, Taylor Elem. School.

12/9/10, Newark, NJ – “I would recommend this program to any school because of the academic and entertaining engagement of the students. We would love to have Arithmetickles back at our school every year!” Math Coach, Miller Street School

12/7/10, Alton, NH – “I would definitely recommend Arithmetickles to other schools. We’d like to have the show back together with the very professional host!” Director of Instruction, Alton Central

11/18/10, Paterson, NJ – “Arithmetickles excites and motivates students about math. Wonderful program. Teachers and students alike were excited about math. I would absolutely recommend the show! And have!” Principal, Alexander Hamilton Academy.

11/12/10, Paterson, NJ – “Children were engaged and enthusiastic. Best of all – they were having fun with math and talking among themselves about the show afterwards. I would definitely recommend this show!” Teacher, Elem. School #27

11/10/10, Waterbury, CT – “We very much enjoyed the captivating math show! The children were fascinated and paid rapt attention as they worked through puzzles and problems based on patterns, numbers and shapes. Even our youngest children were very much enthused by the presentation. The teachers also thought the program was well aligned with our curriculum and they also took with them some great ideas to use in the classroom. The parents in attendance wanted to know where we found such a show and if they would be returning next year. Our answer was a resounding, “We hope so!” Our school would definitely agree and welcome the show again, knowing full well that the children would enjoy the show and learn valuable lessons about math’s practicality in every day life! Thank you again Arithmetickles!” Numeracy Coach, Hallen School

11/10/10, Fredonia, NY – “Thanks for a great show. The host was great … very energetic, very fun … and several of our kids commented that it was “the best show!”. It also was a real pleasure to have the set-up and tech so simple … it all was a breeze. I would absolutely recommend this program to other schools – very high energy!” Executive Director, Fredonia Opera House

11/9/10 Bridgeport, CT – “What a great show! It was wonderful to see how students can explore mathematical concepts and gain understanding in a fun and a non-threatening way. The host engaged both students and teachers alike. The show was a great deal of fun. It was wonderful to see kids enjoying math activities and wanting more when it was over!” Numeracy Coach, High Horizons Magnet

11/9/10 Bridgeport, CT – “Our children really enjoyed the show: everyone listened attentively and participated eagerly. I would recommend the show to other schools because it is a fun way to engage children in the learning of mathematics.” Math Coach, Multicultural Magnet School

11/9/10 Floral Park, NY – “Thanks for a wonderful show today! The kids absolutely loved you. My principal wants Arithmetickles to come back every year. My AP was also raving about the show. She said it grabbed the kids from the minute the host took the stage. My teachers were playing 7-BOO! with their kids in the afternoon. From past experience, the kids will want to play 7-BOO anytime we have a spare moment. We look forward to seeing Arithmetickles again next year. You can never have too much fun solving math problems! Thanks again for a wonderful performance.” Sewanhaka High School, Math Department Chairperson

11/9/10 Bridgeport, CT – “Responses from teachers – ‘it was great! thanks…’ ‘That Arithmetickles was fantastic and the students were loving it!’ I would definitely recommend this program without a doubt!” Math coach, Six to Six Magnet School

11/8/10, Monsey, NY – “This program engaged the students and made learning about math fun!”
Teacher, Margetts Elem. School

11/4/10, Akron, OH – “The host did a fantastic job. He was very energetic and he made the kids (and adults) feel at home. I would highly recommend this program to other schools; not only did the students love it, but also the parents and teachers. It showed kids how much fun math can be.” Teacher, Firestone Park Elem School

11/3/10, Lima, OH – “The host of Arithmetickles did an outstanding job at both performances. He was very animated and entertaining and kept the attention of our students throughout the assemblies. Best of all, he reviewed many important math concepts and skills and really had our students thinking about math. The excitement of our students and staff towards math and the practical application of math to everyday life situations made this performance outstanding!”  Principal, Shawnee Maplewood Intermediate School

10/29/10, Lancaster, PA – “The assembly was engaging, interactive and fun for all. The students really enjoyed the math problems that the host presented. The staff was unaware that they would have to participate and enjoyed being called up on stage to participate. What a great way to infuse math into real world situations!” Principal, J.E. Fritz Elem. School

10/28/10, Harrisburg, PA – “Both Arithmetickles presentations (K-2; 3-5) were very engaging and full of energy. The students enjoyed the variety of activities and the teachers were provided an array of resourceful activities that could be utilized with their students in class. Any opportunity in supporting academics is always welcomed. As a follow-up to the presentation, I had an opportunity to meet with the presenter on possible future presentations.” Principal, Rutherford Elem. School

10/20/10, Mount Olive, IL – “I would recommend this show because it gives teachers ideas on how to engage students in their classrooms.” Teacher, Mt. Olive Elem. School

10/20/10, Reisterstown, MD – “The host kept the audience, including the teachers, entertained the entire show! I was stopped in the hall by teachers after each presentation raving about how great it was! I would definitely recommend the show.” PTA president, Cedarmere Elem. School.

10/19/10, Brooklyn Park, MD – “The host of the show did a wonderful job of educating while having fun.” Director, Arts On Stage

10/7/10, Flushing, NY – “Arithmetickles is engaging and entertaining for all students!” Asst. Principal, P.S. 163Q

10/5/10, Forked River, NJ – “…Students enjoyed the energetic and passionate presentation and loved the music. I would absolutely recommend Arithmetickles to other schools!” Principal, Forked River Elem. School

9/29/10, Marstons Hills, MA – “Fun, unique, interactive…the presenter furthered the students’ appreciation of the live performing arts…Teachers raved about the show – excellent!” PTA President, West Villages Elem. School

9/27/10, Suffern, NY – “Arithmetickles is a great show that the kids really benefited from. The host was really energetic and knew how to relate to the kids. No one felt bad if they answered incorrectly. It was a lot of fun for teachers and students…Other schools will enjoy Arithmetickles too!” Cultural Arts Chair, Cherry Lane Elem. School

9/17/10, Smithtown, NY – “I loved it! This is a fabulous program for children of all ages! I was concerned about the integration of grades, but the host made it relevant, interesting and engaging for ALL the students! I would absolutely recommend Arithmetickles to other schools.”  Math specialist, Smithtown Elem. School

9/17/10, Piscataway, NJ – “The host was extremely interactive and presented the material in a way that captured the attention of every grade level!” Principal, Dwight D. Eisenhower Elem. School

7/5/10, Plainsboro, NJ – “The presenter was all we hoped for in the challenge to delight both kids and adults. He came early, set up early and was delightful with tons of energy and good humor. The engagement of adults was fabulous. Developing this sort of non-school, educational program for the public should be an ongoing priority!” Director, Plainsboro Public Library

6/9/10, Staten Island, NY – “‘Arithmetickles’ was excellent! It kept both the students and teachers entertained. We will do it every year!” PTA President, PS 5

6/3/10, Flushing, NY – “‘Arithmetickles’ is very engaging and encourages high order thinking about math concepts.” Assistant Principal, P.S. 165

5/27/10, Port Washington, NY – “Great way to emphasize the fun and relevance of math.” Math Specialist, Salem ES

5/21/10, Limerick, PA – “The children were engaged and enjoyed the show.” Teacher, Brooke ES

4/29/10, Greenwich, CT – “Excellent program!  Thank you!” Lower School Head, Greenwich Academy

4/29/10, Schenectady, NY – “The children and parents loved this event.  Fun and entertaining review of math skills.  Great idea for TV Turn-Off Month.  Cannot wait for you to come back!” PTO President, Bradt/Pinewood ES

4/27/10, Waltham, MA – “It is difficult to find performances that are mathematically based.  It’s such an important subject to present in a positive way!” Kindergarten Teacher, Stanley ES

4/27/10, Colchester, CT – “’Arithmetickles’ is such a nice change from all of our typical reading/story telling programs.  The concepts were also very age appropriate and engaging.  I look forward to more performances in the years to come.” Math Specialist, Colchester ES

4/27/10, Wilmington, MA – “On behalf of the children and staff at the West Intermediate School, I would like to express our thanks for the amazing program you brought to our school. Your fast-paced, entertaining, interactive program left the children excited and more knowledgeable about math and its use in everyday situations. Your messages were important ones and the children left the presentation with enthusiasm.” Enrichment Team, West Intermediate School

4/26/10, Quincy, MA – “I have already recommended ‘Arithmetickles’ to other schools.  It was wonderful It really was an excellent production that was enjoyed and appreciated by both students and staff.” Principal, James Hennessy ES

4/19/10, Howell, NJ – “This was truly an excellent program. The students loved it! They enjoyed being a part of the assembly; going up on stage, holding the numbers, and working together. It was clear, precise and energetic. Even the K-2 students loved it. They laughed, clapped and had fun while up on stage and their peers in the audience who clapped for them had fun, too. Truly wonderful!” PTO President & Cultural Arts Representative

4/13/10, Millbrook, NY – “We truly enjoyed the show.” Group of 4 Teachers, Elm Drive ES

4/9/10, Medinah, IL – “The performer kept the audience very involved. The students were eager to participate and enjoyed seeing the staff participate as well. The performer was very well prepared and the show ran smoothly.” Teacher, Medinah Primary School

4/9/10, Patchogue, NY – “Engaging performer and great content!” Principal, Bay ES

4/6/10, Franklin Park, IL – 
“’Arithmetickles’ was not only entertaining, but also made math come alive.” Principal, Pietrini ES

4/3/10, Danbury, CT – “Entertaining with some real learning.  Reinforces what we are teaching!”Principal, Stadley Rough ES

4/1/10, Summit, NJ – “The students were excited and liked the fun math activities presented. We really enjoyed it!” 5th Grade Teacher, Jefferson ES

3/25/10, Lancaster, VA – “I would definitely recommend this program because it truly is math plus fun!” Guidance Counselor, Lancaster Primary School

3/24/10, Newport News, VA – “’Arithmetickles’ kept the students very engaged. Overall, it was a fun program.” Head of School, St. Andrew’s Episcopal

3/24/10, Virginia Beach, VA – “Very enjoyable and educational. All of the students were engaged!” LMS, Thalia School

3/23/10, Sewell, NJ – “All of the children were engaged in the program and practicing how to solve math problems! ‘Arithmetickles’ gave the teachers great ideas they can implement in the classroom.” Elementary Supervisor, Wedgwood ES

3/19/2010, Newton, NJ – “I loved the game ‘Boo’. We played it later that day and the kids loved it! Great activity.” 5th Grade LAL teacher, Merriam Ave School

3/17/10, Brooklyn, NY – “The children were entertained and engaged and participated on stage.” Math Coach, PS 361

3/16/2010, Fredericksburg, VA – 
“The program was funny and kept students engaged. It was so funny and enjoyable that the teachers had fun!” Assistant Principal, Lafayette Upper Elementary

3/16/10, Fredericksburg, VA – “’Arithmetickles’ lives up to its ‘slogan’. It’s math and it’s fun!” PTA Representative, Hugh Mercer ES

3/15/10, West Orange, NJ – “The ‘Arithmetickles’ program was a wonderful addition to our ongoing theme of ‘Math is All Around Us’. This was also a great introduction to April’s math Awareness Month and our upcoming math Fair. We highly recommend this program!” Math Enrichment Coordinator; Associate Math Department Chair, Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex & Union

3/15/10, Winchester, VA – “’Arithmetickles’ encouraged flexible thinking and real life problem solving. I resoundingly recommend it!” Principal, Armel Elementary School

3/10/10, Peabody, MA – “The children loved the interaction with this show. They love to be included and the presenter did that throughout the whole show.” Cultural Events Team, West Memorial ES

3/5/10, Chesterfield, NJ – “The students really enjoyed it, laughed a lot, and were surprised by how much fun it was.” Teacher, Chesterfield ES

3/1/10, Cedar Grove, NJ – “The show was engaging and the students were highly motivated.”Principal, North End ES

2/19/10, East Brunswick, NJ – “I would absolutely recommend this show. Most assemblies are not related to math…a much needed and overlooked subject. It was super all the way around…organized, engaging and very worthwhile!” Math Specialist, Bowne Munro ES

2/19/10, Washingtonville, NY – “Very entertaining and great audience participation. Highly recommend!” PTA Math Chairperson, Roundhill Elementary

2/18/10, Old Bridge, NJ –
 “’Arithmetickles’ shows students that math can be easy and fun. The staff and students really enjoyed the program.” Principal, Grissom ES

2/17/10, Edison, NJ – 
“The program was fun, educational and the students loved it. The teachers loved the show as well!” PTA Parent, Woodbrook ES

2/12/10, Pearl River, NY – “ The show was excellent and we look forward to your visit to our school next year! We love ‘Arithmetickles’ because it includes interactive math, audience participation onstage and stand-up comedy to hold the students’ interest!” Teacher, Pearl River Middle School

2/8/10, Clarksburg, NJ – 
“The presenter was great with the students and kept them engaged, entertained and enthusiastic about math. It was a wonderful way to start a Monday morning. The younger students were also engaged throughout the performance. They told me afterwards how much fun they had. I would definitely recommend this program to other districts.”  Math Specialist, Millstone Township

2/2/10, Stone Mountain, GA – “I would recommend this show for all grade levels. It was great for basic math to make it fun and interactive for students.” Principal, Pine Ridge ES

1/29/10, San Jose, CA – “Lots of student interaction! The presenter was excellent and made even the “strugglers” successful with help, clues and praise.” 3rd Grade Teacher and Assembly Coordinator, Northwood ES

1/28/10, Tracy, CA – “I highly recommend ‘Arithmetickles’. It is very fast moving and holds the interest. I really liked how the presenter said “keep your hands in your lap” so that teachers can pick students to help. Nice that the presenter came early; that really helped us not worry. Thanks so much, it was GREAT!” Kindergarten Teacher, Traina Elementary School

1/27/10, Cupertino, CA – “’Arithmetickles’ is fun and engaging and shows how math is integrated into our daily lives. Excellent show. We loved it!” PTA Assembly Chair, Sedgwick ES 

1/27/10, Cupertino, CA – “The class loved it! It moved along quickly and the hour passed before we knew it. We enjoyed the interactive and creative parts of the show and that included both the students and staff.” 1st Grade Teacher, Sedgwick ES

1/27/10, Cupertino, CA – “It got everyone thinking about how math is more than just learning facts and doing paper and pencil work. The presenter was very high energy and involved so many students. I really couldn’t see how a math assembly could be interesting, but it was. I would love to have ‘Arithmetickles’ back. It was worthwhile.” 2nd Grade Teacher, Sedgwick ES 

1/26/10, Longmeadow, MA – “I would definitely recommend this program. It made the students excited about math.” 5th Grade Teacher, Center School

1/26/10, Longmeadow, MA – “No paper, no pencil, but kids were using their math skills! The show emphasized the importance of listening. It was fabulous, entertaining and made the kids think!” Kindergarten Teacher, Center School

1/23/10, Stockton, CA – “I recommend this show and will be emailing other area principals to let them know about ‘Arithmetickles’. And the service by your office was fantastic!”
Principal, Port City Academy

1/22/2010, Danbury, CT – “Great show! Our children enjoyed learning math with your presenter. Thank you!” Principal, Great Plain ES

1/21/10, Los Altos, CA – 
“It was wonderful! The kids were glued to their seats, even on the third rainy day in a row.! Any time the kids are that engaged for an hour, it’s a great program!” Instructional Assistant, Los Altos Christian ES

1/20/10, Haverstraw, NY – “…It was curriculum-based for our grade levels and the presentation caught the interest and attention of our students and faculty. The presenter did an excellent job and it was a GREAT program. I would most definitely recommend this program to other elementary schools.” PTA President, Gerald Neary ES 

1/19/10, Rutherford, NJ– “Interactive, collaborative and fun!” 3rd Grade teacher, Washington School

1/19/10, Rutherford, NJ- “The program is a great hands-on way to get students involved in math lessons. The presenter was excellent!” PTA Cultural Programs Coordinator, Lincoln School

1/15/10, Bohemia, NY – “The presenter made learning fun and also provided fun ways to teach math that include student participation. The students had a wonderful time.” Principal, Bosti School

1/12/10, Red Hook, NY – “Educational and motivating for both teachers and students.  Excellent performance!” 4th Grade Teacher, Red Hook ES

1/12/10, Anaheim, CA – “The children were laughing while actually doing math during the show! And the kids loved it when the teachers were asked to participate in the show. I didn’t really know what to expect and I am so glad I booked ‘Arithmetickles’. Great job!” PTA Executive VP, Paul Revere ES

1/12/10 Port Reading, NJ- “Very enthusiastic! There was much student involvement and the students enjoyed the show a lot!” Assembly Chair, School #9

1/12/10 San Dimas, CA- “The presenter was fantastic…terrific! The information was useful and interesting. Feedback from teachers, parents and students was very positive.” 
PTA/VP of Programs, Shull ES

12/19/09 Howell, NJ – “It was great seeing so many kids onstage and all the other kids still able to participate. It was terrific seeing all the teachers laughing and enjoying the show just as much as the kids!” PTA Vice President, Newbury ES

2/22/10, Staten Island, NY – “’Arithmetickles’ made learning math fun. Loved it!” Teacher, PS 41

2/19/10, East Brunswick, NJ – “I would absolutely recommend this show. Most assemblies are not related to math…a much need and overlooked subject. It was super all the way around…organized, engaging and very worthwhile!” Math Specialist, Bowne Munro ES

12/17/09, Accokeek, MD – “The program fully engaged the students and parents and showed everyone how easy and fun math can be.” Math Coordinator, Accokeek Academy

12/8/09 South River, NJ – “I was impressed with how well the presenter kept the children engaged and how each show was geared to the level of its audience. It was great for the kids to see how math can be fun. Great job!” PTA President, Memorial School

12/7/09 Bethel CT – “The show was both educational and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it. Teachers and students were most pleased.” Principal, St. Mary School

12/4/09 Groton, MA – “Consistently the comments from the teachers and students were ‘this is the best program we have had in years…’ The presenter was attuned to her audiences at all times. She was enchanting, gracious, supportive to staff and students alike. Thank you for creating and sharing this program. We forget that math is in every corner and arc of our lives. The children left enthusiastic and excited about math. Many of your games and ideas will continue in K – 4!” PTA Chair, Cultural Enrichment Program, Florence Roche School

11/25/09 Floral Park, NY – “The students were completely involved from start to finish. They were thinking math and talking math! Thanks for a great show.” Chairperson/Math, Sewanhaka High School

11/17/09 Dudley, MA – “Wonderful presentation! Kept the audience completely involved. Great job!” Grade 6 Teacher/Team Leader, Dudley Middle School

11/12/09 Radnor, OH – “This was such a wonderful program. Fun and engaging. The presenter was excellent and really thought well on the spur of the moment! Excellent!!” Principal, Buckeye Valley North

11/10/09 North field, OH – “Thank you so very much for the great visit from your show “Arithmetickles” at our school yesterday. We had a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed the program very much. I was really excited to have had more than 200 turn out for the evening performance as well and the feedback has been great.” Principal, Northfield ES 

11/3/09 Picture Rocks, PA – “The kids were actively involved. I was excited that the presenter stressed how important It was to listen to instructions!” Teacher, Grade 3, G. A. Ferrell School

11/13/09 Chardon, OH – “The program was very relevant and reinforced our new math program.” Principal, Hambden ES

11/9/09 Northfield, OH – “It was age appropriate, very interactive, educational and FUN! Math has a whole new meaning to our students! Awesome!” Four (clearly terrific) teachers, Northfield ES

10/29/09 Summitville, IN – “Very energetic and engaging!” Title Teacher, Summitville ES

10/28/09 Berwyn, IL – “The students were engaged and loving it! I would absolutely recommend this show.” 4th Grade Teacher, Irving ES

10/28/09 Chicago, IL – “The presenter was a terrific presenter, full of energy and enthusiasm. She had good control of the crowd.” Assistant Principal, Queen of All Saints

10/28/09 Chicago, IL – “’Arithmetickles” got the kids involved and thinking and LISTENING!” Teacher, Queen of All Saints School

10/2/09 Quincy, MA – “The presenter was awesome!” Educator, Merrymount ES

4/20/09 Dix Hills, NY – “I loved the constant audience participation and the teacher participation was FANTASTIC! The kids were all talking about how “funny” that was. I also like how the two assemblies were age specific. The students were very engaged.” Arts and Education Co-Chairperson, Chestnut Hill

4/9/09, Selkirk NY- “It engaged students who had an opportunity to participate as well, while reinforcing math concepts. Feedback from teachers and students was very positive.” C.V., Principal, A.W. Becker School

4/2/09, Jordan NY- Arithmetickles” got the kids engaged with high energy and enthusiasm for math.” M.H., Teacher, Ramsdell Elementary

4/2/09, Jordan NY- “A very educational show of a high interest level to the students. I learned a few new games that I couldn’t wait to use with my class, especially the “Boo” counting game! Thank you for bringing your show to our school. The students were “buzzing” when they returned to the classroom. It was great to see math portrayed in such a fun way.” B.H., Teacher, Ramsdell Elementary

4/1/09, Rayland OH- “It was an excellent way to make math more alive and meaningful in our students’ lives. And you can’t top the performance. Students were excited and wanted replays in class. The faculty gave it a A+! Many of the topics we will need for diagnostic and achievement testing in April were also covered.” R.R., Title 1 Math, Northwest School

3/19/09, Thornwood NY– “The presenter was wonderful! The skits were clever and creative and gave ideas to the teachers for talking about math in a more practical way with a fresh approach.”  Mixed Teachers, Columbus Elementary

3/17/09, Deer Park NY– “Yes, we would recommend Arithmetickles to other schools. Our math resource teachers couldn’t thank us enough for bringing this program in. The performer was outstanding.” E.P. , JFK School

3/3/09, Hadley MA– “What a terrific program for children of all ages. We used this program to kick off a whole day about math. The children were so excited the rest of the day! We loved it!!”  P.C., Teacher, Hadley Elementary

2/27/09, Jackson NJ– “This program was fantastic! The program was targeted to all grade levels from K-5 which is not an easy task. Well done! The presenter was wonderful with the kids & keeping control of the program. Thank you for being so accommodating with rescheduling when we had a delayed opening. Your company is a pleasure to work with.” R.K., Teacher, Rosenauer School

2/24/09, Ellicott City, MD– “I would definitely recommend this assembly to other schools. Each performance was engaging, entertaining and age-appropriate. The students genuinely enjoyed themselves and were eager to participate. Staff and students loved the fantastic performer. Another great thing was that the presenter was able to set up and break down the show very easily and needed little to no help from our staff.” J.B., Cultural Arts Chair, Manor Woods Elementary

2/23/09, Bethesda MD– “The show was energized, interactive, attention-getting and made you think about numbers.” R.B., Teacher, St. Jane de Chantel School

2/13/09, West Palm Beach FL– “The program not only demonstrated for students how learning math can be fun but it also demonstrated for teachers how to be creative in planning future math activities. Simply wonderful!” T.H., Seminole Trails Elementary

2/13/09, Saratoga NY– “High energy, lots of enthusiasm from students and teachers. Fun and entertaining review of math skills. Age and skill level appropriate, lots of audience participation, excellent emphasis on having fun with math.” K.L., Cultural Arts Liaison, Geyser Road School

2/12/09, Loudonville NY– “You held the students’ attention throughout the program. Thank you once again! This is my last year chairing this committee and you have been my favorite program to book! Your professionalism is quite notable and most importantly, the kids love the program!”  T.C., Cultural Chair, Southgate School

2/11/09, South Glens Falls NY– “This is by far one of the best programs we have had at our school. Not only was it entertaining but it was so educational. I picked up some ideas to use in the future.”  C.F., Teacher, Harrison Avenue School

2/11/09, South Glens Falls NY– “The host was BY FAR the best presenter we have ever seen. I will play some of the games in my class – thank you for the great ideas!” A.S., Teacher, Harrison Avenue School

2/10/09, Chesterfield MA– “Unlike other performances that come to schools, “Arithmetickles” kept most all students engaged throughout – even my most distractible 3rd graders! It was entertaining as well as helpful and relevant to our math curriculum. We were very pleased with the show.”  J.L., Teacher, New Hingham School

2/10/09, Orange Park FL– “We had two shows, one for K-2 & one for 3-6. The shows were completely different and appropriate for each level and it was a fantastic performance! Even the rambunctious 3-6 graders totally loved it!” T.O., Assistant Principal, S Bryan Jeary School

1/7/09, Wayne NJ– “We have had other programs at the school and none have held the attention like “Arithmetickles” did.” K. K., Cultural Enrichment Committee, James Fallon School