Here are a few gentle guidelines to insure a great Arithmetickles show:

Stage: The stage area should be clear and clean one hour before the show. If there are any obstructions such as musical instruments or music stands, cardboard trees, life-size photos of the town mayor, etc, please make sure these are safely stored away (especially the mayor) or moved to the back of the stage so that the Arithmetickles host is able to set up as soon as he/she arrives.
If a stage is not available, please try to arrange for risers (very steady) or a platform that will comfortably accommodate the “Arithmetickles” host and approximately 8-10 children at a time. But don’t worry if you can’t arrange for risers or a platform; Arithmetickles is great at floor level as well.

It’s always best if the audience is seated in chairs, but students may also sit on the floor. Please leave a center aisle either way. If the performance takes place on floor level, children MUST be seated on the floor so that everyone can see all the action.|

Technical Requirements: Please have one small table or two student desks ready on stage to hold the sound equipment, and 5 chairs that will be used during the show. We supply the sound and sets.

If available stage lighting is to be used, please check to make sure it is in proper working condition. It’s OK if you don’t have good stage lighting, but please have two overhead projectors on carts (the old-fashioned kind found in almost every classroom) available in front of the stage. They make great spotlights!

Student Participants: Onstage, during the performance, the host will request assistance from ONE TEACHER PER GRADE LEVEL to choose the children to come up on stage. This is because your teachers know the students and we do not. In this way, teachers will choose students who are not too shy and will enjoy performing in front of their peers. There is no need to pre-select students!

Introduction: The principal, a teacher or PTA representative should give a simple introduction before the show after checking to see that the host is ready to start. Here’s one that works well:

“Today’s assembly is presented by the Children’s Theatre Center of New Jersey. It’s math! It’s fun! It’s Arithmetickles! Now let’s all give a warm welcome to (actor’s name).”

The Arithmetickles host will then open the curtain and start the show.

PS: Don’t call the actor onto the stage as our shows begin in very dramatic ways!