Arithmetickles is celebrating its 25th year of Math Plus Fun with a new collection of short online videos of Everyday Math, Mystery Math, Mental Math and Math Magic!
During the last 25 years our goal has always been to present math in a funny and creative way so that students will experience how much fun math can be. Arithmetickles presents math in a way that gets students excited, curious and engaged. Teachers can select and present the segments in their own classrooms and on their schedules.
We highly recommend that teachers preview the segments first to decide how to use them in their classrooms. There are two options:
1. Students can watch the full videos or …
2. Teachers can pause the videos to give students a chance to get the answers first before the video reveals the solutions.
Math Magic - The Calendar

In the “Magic Calendar” kids explore how to use their minds to add up 9 dates faster then using a calculator!

After watching how Math Magic works, students will learn to do basic multiplication to make it happen!

Check our Class Room Fun for mathematical explanations behind the magic.

Great for 4th graders and up.

Tic toc toe small

In “Arithmetickles Tac-Toe” we combined the well loved game with some challenging questions for 2 teams to play…

While watching, teacher can pause the video for the class to debate and come up with the answers. After watching class can play their own game based on their math lesson.

Great for all ages.

the clock poster small

In “The Clock” we challenge your students to find the only way you can split the time on the clock into 3 parts where all the digits add up to an equal sum…

Great for 3rd graders and up.

Math Mystery - Crossing the Bridge
In “Crossing the Bridge” students will help find a solution for a family of four to safely cross a bridge in 60 minutes.
Each member crosses in a different pase and they have only one flashlite…


Great for 4th graders and up.

Math Mystery - The Courtroom

“Math Mystery” will bring us to the courtroom following a dramatic story told by Mr. Donovan who blames his neighbor for stealing his money… students will have to help the judge find 3 Math mistakes in his story.

Great for all ages.